Company profile

This is the year the Bianco family starts manufacturing and marketing the very first bandsaw machine model IMB 200. In a very short period they introduce on the market a wide range of manual, semiautomatic, automatic and NC operated machines. The market needs and the continuous development of the cutting solutions
induce the Bianco’s to establish a new company, the BTM srl, involved in the study and research of machines at advanced technology. In 1990 a new production unit located in Bolgare (BG), on a covered area of 5000 m2, is added to the existing production facility: it is the actual headquarter of Ital-Mecc-Bianco, where all the mechanical parts of the bandsaws are machined. The partial moving of the production capacity from the old workshop in Torre de’ Roveri (BG), placed on 3.700 m2, to the actual headquarter in Carobbio degli Angeli (BG) takes place in 1997: nowadays the company premises cover more than 25.000 m2. The production numbers, today, more than 115.000 pieces made in Italy sold in 50 countries worldwide. Leader in the design and production of special and oversized bandsaw machines, to satisfy the special needs of the customers who want a reliable, safe and custom-made product.


The management headquarters, the commercial, accounting and technical offices work closely with the production departments, so as to render BTM a company always in a position to offer custom-made, useful and targeted solutions.


The Automatic Cutting Parameters with Carbide and Bimetal blades for the bandsaw machines are constantly developed from the BTM line.