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Il gruppo Bianco dal 1988 è stato uno fra i primi ad investire nelle nuove tecnologie, realizzando l’arco in pressofusione d’alluminio garantendo flessibilità, elasticità e durata nel tempo

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Suitable for metal profiles and solid materials cutting, these bandsaw machines combined speed and praticality with strength and reliability.

Top head and tail

Automatic twin-column bandsaw machines with high working performances and 'head and tail' tecnology for minimal material scrap length.

Grating and foam panels bandsaw

Twin-column semiautomatic bandsaw machines for gratings and foam panels cutting.

Rebar cutting

Semiautomatc bandsaw machine for profiles and rebar cutting.

Roller Tracks & loading units

Optimal for the support and the sliding of long and heavy pieces and universally usable; they can be lengthened with connecting elements.


High productivity, power and precision bandsaw machines in the cutting of tubes, solid and profiles also of high strength materials.