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BTM a brand of Bianco Group

BTM, a brand of Bianco Group, was born from the commitment, the great expertise and the long experience in designing and building bandsaw machines.

In particular, the BTM line is specialized in the production of medium and large bandsaws with high performances, suitable for cutting any type of material, including stainless steel and high strength (AStelloyd, Incoloyd, Etc.)

The aim of the BTM line is to satisfy the customer in terms of quality, reliability and productivity, which stems from the close interdependence between the BTM Team’s Know-How and the explicit needs expressed by the customer.

The design, assembly and testing of the machines are carried out entirely in the company by highly specialized personnel.
The BTM line is at the forefront in finding new and innovative cutting processes and in realizing new machines in the first position in the world market.

BTM bandsaw machines are made with top quality components, strength and resistence. The spare parts of our bandsaws are avaiable for 20 years, to grant a special assistance service.

The application on the sawing machines of the “Automatic Cutting Parameters” is born from the BTM line.


BTM is a brand of the Bianco Group and is the leader in the design and production of special and oversized bandsaw machines.

This is to satisfy the special needs of the customer who wants a reliable, safe and custom-made product.

The word “standard” is rarely used in BTM, the whole division for “Custom Projects” is dedicated to all those customers that have extraordinary needs, ideas and use the machinery for extreme purposes.

The final product is a custom-made machine developed through the close co-operation of BTM and its customers.

Bianco group

The Bianco Group is composed by three companies: Bianco S.r.l., BTM S.r.l. e Ital-Mecc-Bianco S.r.l.

Today the Bianco Group is a dynamic, constantly evolving reality, linked to its territory and its community. It has been working for decades perfecting its machineries and putting the satisfaction of its customers first.