Custom Made

The custom made section is dedicated to all special jobs made according to the specific needs of each customer and always ensuring a reliable, assured and personalized product.

An entire product section dedicated to all the customers with unusual needs and ideas, with the need to use the machines in an extraordinary way.

Our technical department collaborates directly with the customer to design ad hoc machinery according to the needs of everyone. Thanks to the experience and professionalism of our team, the result is a unique, special and tailor-made product.


Automatic bandsaw machine with head and tail technology (no scrap length).

Loading unit, specifically built for aluminium cut.

Grating cutting system

Semiautomatic bandsaw machine with infeed and outfeed roller track for grating cut.

1000×800 SA F

1000x800 SA F
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Semiautomatic 90° fix cutting bandsaw machine built on special request by the costumer. 1000x800mm cutting capacities.


AT 10.6 SA DS aluminium cutting

Semiautomatic bandsaw on twin column for special aluminium cutting

AT 740 TC with loading-unloading system

Fully automatic bandsaw machine with head&tail technology for no scrap length.
Special loading and unloading system.


Automatic system for cutting and drilling at 3 heads.

730×640 SA F

Semiautomatic bandsaw machine with 12 mt long infeed and outfeed roller track. Length stop and 2 stations unloading unit.

AT 6.4 A DS 3

Automatic bandsaw machine with 60° L-R cutting angle.

14 mt long loading unit with in-feed roller track and 10 mt long unloading unit equipped with lifting.

Powered unloading table with hydraulic pusher suitable for short pieces unloading (100-1500 mm).

2 heads cutting system with turning table

Specifically designed for workshops with reduced space availability but requiring very high cutting performances.

Suitable and performing on every kind of material, including high resistance metals.


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11 automatic heads for tensioner cutting, Ø 10-120 mm, lengths from 1 to 12 m.


Rebar cutting

Special bandsaw machine for rebars cutting with loading and unloading device.

Customized cutting system

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Cutting line for continuous casting material, 24 m roller track, downloading and spindle holder.

Special line for sectional door 800 x 200 x 14000

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Cutting and trimming line for sectional door insulated panels 800 x 200 x 14.000 mm.

Double head special system for foam panels cutting

This machine is designed to perform both longitudinal and vertical cuts on sandwich panels. The maximum dimensions are 1.250 x 250 mm with mitre rotation up to 30° left and right.


70.50 CNC LR

70.50 CNC DX-SX
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70.50 CNC LR carriage stroke 5.000 mm, unloading device 12 m long.


AT 13.8 A DS 5

130.80 A LR.

Carriage stroke 5000 mm.


AP 7.5 TC 3

71.51 TCT
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Head and tail technology, carriage stroke 3.000 mm.


1600 x 1600


1600 x 1600 SA LR 20°.


1600×230 A TOUCH

2600x230 A Touch
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High work performances bandsaw machine, ideal for cutting any type of material including strong and hard metals like titanium, hastelloy or inconel.

800×800 carriage stroke 13000mm

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Special system realized for a leading company in tubulars and profiles branch.

5° tilted bow. Cutting dimensions 800×800 mm, carriage stroke 13.000mm.


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Special system realized for a leading company in tubulars and profiles branch.

5° tilted bow. Cutting dimensions 1000×1000 mm, carriage stroke 13.000mm.

940 TCT

940 TCT
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45° Double mitre machine complete with infeed and outfeed shuttle system, equipped with a loading system. It is designed to cut large dimension tubes and to leave a very minimal remnant piece. Unique in this regard.


360 TCT with special loading/unloading device

360 TCT bandsaw machine with unloading device and single station loading device.

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Cutting and drilling system for railway tracks max ø 40 mm, carriage stroke 25 m.


Bandsaw specifically engineered to cut shutters up to 26” equipped with self centering bladeguides, cutting cycle with automatic feed and rotation of the workpiece on its axis.



420 CNC Touch head-tail, loading and unloading handling system.


Special system

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Special system for shaft cutting and centering.

Special system for chromes

Impianto speciale per tubi e cromati
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Special system for tubes and chromes cutting with internal cleaning.
12 m loading device.

540 TCT

540 TCT with loading and unloading unit.

Roller cutting Ø 1400 mm

Taglio rulli Ø 1400 mm
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Roller cutting Ø 1400 mm. Electric movement on longitudinal rails and hydraulic tilting device for trim cut removal.